"Michael Tobias was extraordinarily resourceful and ultimately successful in helping me and my family learn about my biological mother, father and siblings, all of whom perished in the Holocaust when I was just an infant.  Most amazingly, by combining global genealogical detective work and DNA matching, Michael discovered the identity of my biological father and then connected me with his living descendants, as well as with relatives on my mother’s side.

Throughout the entire process, Michael was sensitive to the powerful emotional effect these revelations had on me and my family, in addition to being a world-class genealogical expert, Michael is a warm, kind-hearted person - a real “mensch” who truly went above and beyond."

Judy, England



"Our father spent the first five years of his life in an orphanage in modern day Poland, before coming to England on the Kindertransport, just a few weeks before the outbreak of World War II. The only details he had, were his date of birth and mothers name.

Our father was desperate to try and establish his family background and history and so Michael was recommended to us. From the first moment of contact, his genuine warmth, interest and expertise were apparent and so appreciated. He came up with a strategy and led the research, arranging for DNA tests for my father, and as the weeks passed, using his experience and vast network, quickly beginning (through a series of further DNA tests of people around the world) to be able to confirm the maternal and discover the paternal blood lines, living relatives and begin to formulate detailed family trees.

Our father now has a name and photo of his birth father and has met a number of living relatives - something we could never have imagined before Michael’s work."

The family of Kurt - a Holocaust survivor


"Thanks to the determination and persistence of Mr. Tobias, my father and his cousin, who were separated during WW2 as boys, could unite after 68 long years.

This touching family reunion brought happiness and joy to the united cousins and our families. It was a wonderful "MITSVA" and we are grateful to Michael for his kindness."

Yosef Porat, Israel


"My mother was abandoned in the UK as a new born, during WW2. After a lifetime of mystery, Michael traced my grandmothers family, revealing her hidden Jewish identity, and tragic connection to the Holocaust. This discovery changed my life and I am forever thankful for his expert help."

Jennie, Scotland


"Back in 2006 I was planning to get married and hoped to do so in an orthodox Synagogue in the UK. My fiancee had Jewish roots on her maternal line but we had to prove she was halachically Jewish to the Chief Rabbi's office before our wedding could take place.

Michael did some incredible research taking the families through Germany, Prussia, Holland, the goldrush in California and eventually his proof was accepted by the Chief Rabbi and the rest is history.

We will be forever grateful for his help."

David, London, UK


"My mother was born in London in 1939. Her mother was not married and worked as a barmaid. My mother didn't know her father's name. I bought a DNA kit for my mum as a present and it returned a result of around half Jewish.

I was put in touch with Michael Tobias and incredibly, within about two weeks, Michael had not only narrowed down the connections but had traced her birth father's family and put together a huge family tree going back to the 1600s. My mum was amazed and thrilled to have what she had always wanted, to know about her father and who he was.

We eventually spoke to several of my mum's living relatives by phone and actually had a family Zoom meeting which was amazing. All my mother’s anecdotes match up to her new relatives, so it fits like a glove and we have also exchanged photographs. Exactly what I had hoped."

Kieron, UK


"As a 70 year old who was adopted and only had my birth mothers name on my birth certificate I have searched in vain to find my birth father. Having taken a DNA test I discovered my ethnicity and was lucky in contacting a relative who recommended Michael Tobias as someone who was “into ancestry” and may be able to help.

I have now found my history and am able to accept the past and move forward thanks to the tenacity and professionalism of Michael. I will forever be in his debt. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Tobias in this particular research field."

Stan, East Anglia, UK


"I was recommended to use Michael Tobias' services in the search for my birth father. As I didn't know my father's name, I took a DNA test and from the results, Michael very quickly put together a family tree and within a very short time had identified who my father was. Michael helped in contacting him and some months later we met. I now speak to my birth father regularly and am extremely grateful to Michael for all his help"

Richard, UK


"Given the circumstances surrounding my birth father, it looked impossible to establish any knowledge in identifying who he was. Thankfully, my pessimism quickly vanished when I appointed Michael to begin a search which resulted in a euphoric success leading to my tranquility and fulfilment. Michael's undoubted professionalism in the whole process was clear and admirable."

John, Paisley, UK


"Very professional, fast, thorough and most important of all, gets results. Michael broke down the brick wall I faced in finding my biological father in a way I never could have - and sensitively too! Without him I would still be in the dark about my past. A real pleasure to work with and now my first port of call when/if I run into another genealogical conundrum."

William, UK


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